Mobile Waiters is an online food delivery system, where users order their food online and have it delivered to them. Hence, users simply make the choice of their restaurant of interest, choose the food, make the add ons, and order. The food gets delivered in 30 minutes. On campus, Mobile Waiters deliver in the halls of residence and at the offices.

Hussaini Odunayo
Stephanie Odili
Douglas K. Ayeba


Atenoda is an online marketplace for services where you can get things done. The concept behind this that you can get any task done from basic, to technical to professional services. The aim is to provide a platform for people to easily access service providers is a way that is smart, accurate, verified and trustworthy. Also, it is a platform to enable anyone who can do anything meaningful to be employed. The platform is estimated to provide opportunities to create jobs for two million people in Nigeria.

Udale-Ameh Ojimaojo
Olatunde Godwin
Douglas K. Ayeba


The Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) project in Covenant University’s initial drive towards the commencement of a UAS centre in collaboration with technology companies. Currently, the project team has developed smart unmanned and autonomous hexacopters, which do not require a remote control. The team is programming the hexacopters for surveillance purposes with some degree of artificial intelligence. The big picture driving this project is to establish a UAS centre that provides UAS smart solutions for security and surveillance in Nigeria.

Ikechukwu Marvelous
Kelechi Okwuriki
Nicholas Kajoh


This is an online tutoring platform to prepare high school students for O’levels and A’ levels examinations. Sandra Obi, one of the co-founder, works on developing video contents that focuses on the e-board instead of the face of the teacher. High school students can therefore use the platform to prepare for their examinations and rewind the teacher on the video to understand a concept. Gritto therefore provides ease and flexibility in learning for the high school student.

Sandra Obi
Egbo Chinaza


Lumen is an e-payment solution to enable easy payment for specific services such as energy subscription, cable TV subscription and airtime purchase using SMS and internet technology. The team has concluded the SMS platform for payment and has initiated partnerships with the relevant merchants for the subscription for energy, cable TV and airtime. They are augmenting this with an android application. They are now set to deploy for usage.

Osaruyi Eniofe
Samuel Ojumah


EventsGenie.ng is one of the Dream projects designed to make event management easy. With this solution, anyone can be an event manager. The team currently iterating to make deployment and usability seamless, while maintaining the big picture.

The other projects include a heart rate device that alerts via SMS, a movie and animation project, and a cab locator android application.

Esther Laila Ayuba
Israel Ihaza
Deborah Olarinde


The Adenanthera Pavonina Linn Seed is a seed that can be seen on the trees in the environment of the University Campus and even in Canaanland. Its available almost throughout the year

These dreamers were able to carry out research on the seed and they discovered that it had many uses.

Akinlabu Kehinde Deborah
Owoeye Taiwo Felicia


Drop.taxi is a PUDO (Pick Up Drop Off) service that aims to solve the problem of getting taxi services to and from to airport to various destinations.

The service is available on the Android platform and allows users book for their taxis via the app.

The app also affords users the opportunity to track the taxis they’ve paid for via the app.

Allen Oloruntobi Michael


Development of a solution to assess heart rate and alert next of kin or doctor via sms or call for immediate rescue if blood pressure exceeds limit.

Emmanuella Ekpoki


Intercept is a movie that is aimed at reinventing the future of African cinema and crossing the boundaries of filmmaking.

It is a a short film set in the year 2019. The movie explores how in a near future Nigeria’s security body will harness modern technology to battle national challenges like terrorism and cybercrime.

Intercept’s unique proposition is the use of CGI and VFX techniques to aid visual storytelling.

Onome Egba
Fiyin Gambo
Iover Daniel